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Picture 100% Homegirls features mainly Australian models or visitors shot in Australia and of all the "Australian"  men's nude magazines is probably the closest one where you may have a possibility of seeing a model from the magazine walking down your street or in your local shopping centre, or local club.  All of the other nude magazines have features from overseas sources and cannot truly call themselves "Australian" in content.

100% comes out in two varieties, a softer version for Queensland to protect our delicate northern neighbours and a more explicit sealed version available in the southern states.


Published in #45 in May 2007. Jasmine was my first main publication (apart from the Krystal one) in the men's magazines.  I sent a couple of images in and the editor at that time accepted and requested the rest of the shoot . 
Even though I knew she was supposed to be in this issue I went past the feature and did not recognise it as they had reversed some of the images.
Published in #57 in early 2009 . Hannah was my second success in this magazine after a change in editors. I have found it awkward and difficult to obtain models for this work as it does involve explicit work and being published in Australia, as such requires models with a strong support base of friends and family. 
Published in #63 June / July 2010, Holly picked up $1000 for this and along with other apppearances has done well with a total of $2150 for magazine work and $1900 for website work for a total of $4050